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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Nearly nine years

This blog has been around for nearly nine years under its current name.  Before March 2007 if I recall aright, it was mostly a political blog, emanating fervent heat from the idealism that my experiences of recent years have managed to temper and disappoint, but not to purge.

I'm glad I made the change to the name and focus almost nine years ago.  I might put up some of the earlier stuff I posted again, on a separate page, as part of the remodeling I'm doing in this new year.

In looking through some old posts I found this one written when I was still living two days' journey away from the Wasatch Front.  It helps me to reflect on how grateful I am to be living back in my homeland again, even though there are many people and things I miss about New Mexico.

As this year progresses, I'll continue to change and grow this blog.  A while ago I noticed that somehow the old blogroll I used to have on the sideline is no longer there, and I want to work to build that back up.  Also, long-time readers will notice that I've started adding affiliate links.  This is an experiment and I'm interested to see what happens with it.

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