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Monday, October 11, 2010

Blackout poem

I did this a few days ago as part of a workshop.


Syphax said...

That is awesome.

rino said...

would that be at an Austin Kleon workshop?

Justin said...

That is pretty interesting. Do you cross out words with a certain method until you end up with a complete sentence, or did you know ahead of time what you were going for?

CStanford said...

It was a workshop about using lo-fi media as a teaching technique and the instructors showed Kleon's work, then had us try our own. They encouraged us to think of a general theme or thesis to our poem before we started and then pick an article at random, find words that fit, circle them and cross out the rest.

This was my third attempt and it came about with no preconception of what I wanted to "say". It was shaped by the article but turned out to say something I (want to) believe strongly. So I'm not sure how much I trust the instructors' proposed methods. I should investigate Austin Kleon more.