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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Typecast: by the rivers of Babylon

I have to post something because this is a blog. So here's what I typed today motivated by my chronic bleeding heart liberal Psalm 137 outrage.

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Joe V said...

Deep, sobering thoughts; thank you for your honest, heart-felt essay.

I might add parenthetically that, as one who has paid off his house, I still have to pay the county property taxes on said domicile each and every year; were I to lapse in payment, I would find the cruel reality that I in fact do not own my property as much as am afforded the privilege of living on the land as long as the land baron (the county government) gets their fair share. This will continue up through the time that I am elderly and frail and ill-able to shell out what by then might well be much higher property taxes.

The irony here is that I live inside a city, but my property taxes go to a county entity from which I derive little or no benefit of my tax payments; the city provides me with virtually every governmental service, yet they derive no benefit from my tax payments. Sounds like taxation without representation to me.