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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Typecast: the best days of our lives

Of course, thinking about shorter chunks of time than a year, I have to say I'm enjoying my life quite a bit right now. When my daughter was six months old I thought: "these last three months have been a lot of fun." So far, the fun time has just kept stretching out as she keeps growing. This last summer had some high points -- like most of July -- and some other times when a good family life was a balance against other things being dismal.


Mike Speegle said...

Ugh. I think that guy, or one of his ilk, made an appearance at my middle school back in the day. All I can remember thinking was that maybe HE'D like sitting around at the bus stop reading a book while other kids hucked rocks at him.

Overall, I'd say that being a kid sucked more often than it was great, but being an adult has so far panned out pretty well for me. And having little 'uns yourself does give some nice perspective, doesn't it?

deek said...

I love to reminisce. And I am sure everyone thinks they were unique "back then", but it always comes up when I think about it.

I mean, I was in the top of most of my classes (so could have been a "nerd"). I was a student-athlete through college (so could have been a "jock"). I had a lot of "cool" friends (so I could have been in the "popular" crowd). I played Dungeons and Dragons all the time up through college (so I could have been a "dork"). I played guitar in a local rock band in my early to mid 20s (so could have been a "musician").

I meshed well with all sorts of cliques, and different friends thought of me in different ways because of the other friends or activities I was involved with.

I don't know, I'm probably one of those painfully, over-optimistic types you are warned about meeting:)

I enjoyed being a kid, up through high school. I enjoyed college life too much and seemingly threw a lot away, but ended up alright.

Married, with two wonderful kids (and I agree with the perspective thing). The oldest is two and having a boy and girl 15 months apart, everyday is a wonderful journey as I watch them learn, grow and laugh.

I know it sounds cheesy, but more often than not, each day is better than the next...