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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pencast: Dungeon Days Revisited

As I wrote in a previous post, I used to be heavily into fantasy role-playing games, or I used to want to be heavily into them. I spent a lot of time making up characters who never saw any action and wishing I could stay away from home -- or awake -- longer on the occasions that I actually did get to play with others.

Recently I've been thinking more about this pastime from my youth. I rediscovered this brilliant 1990s comedy sketch the other day, and I've been looking through some of the few old rule books that I've kept. Recently my wife and I were shopping at the local used bookstore and picked up Wizards of the Coast's Wheel of Time RPG. Maybe I just don't like to face the fact that I'm twice as old as I was when I started playing this stuff, but I've found myself wishing again for a group of like-minded nerds to trot out my new character ideas with.

Amongst all of my old gaming stuff I found a comic strip I drew on notebook paper while I was in high school. I think I must have been 16, maybe 17 when I drew it. I meant to draw more but never got around to it. (There were other comic strips that I started and then abandoned as well. Some of them had potential but my drawing technique, such as it was, has decayed over time.)

So without further ado, here it is.


deek said...

Yeah, I played a ton of table-top rpgs in high school and a little bit in college. Oddly enough, I've actually been playing Dungeons & Dragons with a group of friends for the last 4-5 years and run a futuristic cyberpunk game (Shadowrun) for the same group.

Its still fun, and I am 33. We all gather together at a friend's house after work on Monday's and play for 4 hours or so, alternating games.

Face to face groups can be found all around. Check local game shops, libraries and such and you may get lucky. And nowadays, there are all sorts of ways to play online with real people (chat, voicechat, virtual tabletops).

But if you are like me, time is at a premium, so its easier for me, and my family, when I just have one day scheduled to play with my friends...

Never too old to revisit those dungeon days!!!

Strikethru said...


Plenty of guys over 30 still do the RPG thing. At least, they do here in Seattle.

deek said...

For a game like Shadowrun, which has been based in Seattle for 25 years, its a mecca. I wouldn't be surprised if that draws out a lot more RPG groups than other areas...

Bottom line, though, it shouldn't be hard to fine "a game", whether real-time online, turn-based online (like a forum or email game) or face-to-face (which may be the hardest and sometimes scariest)!

DL said...


Brooke said...

Awesome comic. You have seen Adventurers, yes? It pokes fun at computer RPGs (like Final Fantasy), not tabletop ones, but it's pretty clever.