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Monday, October 13, 2008

Typecast: saying "no"


Mike Speegle said...

Oh...it gets easier. I'm pretty sure that the few months of no sleep that you get during the infancy stage condition your brain in such a way that you are able to say "no."

I always had a hard time with it too, right up until recently. My son is now 2, and so I have to use it on a regular basis. They so love pushing the boundaries.

"No, don't pull the dog's ears."

"No, don't eat that, it's been on the floor."

"No, don't draw foot-long parallel lines in the carpet in orange marker."

mpclemens said...

I find saying "no" to the kids is pretty easy, and with the young 'uns, you can temper it with choices -- "Which do you want to eat first, the green beans or the carrots?"

The hard part is when they start saying NO back and can't be duped any more. That's when your old nemesis Because I Said So comes out to play.

Oh yes, he's in there. Also "because I'm the daddy, and dad knows everything."

Sleep deprivation smooooooths out all those silly brain-wrinkles that used to indulge in luxuries like rational thought, and not having discussions about WHY spinning a jump rope at high speeds in your sister's direction is a Bad Idea Sure to End In Tears.


Anita Ann said...

You will learn the old standby "When you are an adult you can do it/buy it/say it/watch it if you want."