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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Typecast: thoughts on the old (& new) west


Anonymous said...
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Duffy Moon said...

Re: the history of 'cowboys' and cattle ranching in the American southwest -- I was reading a terrific book "The Birth of Black America" by Tim Hashaw (I think that's the name) that was written as a history of "melungeons", coming to the Virginia colony from Angola. Some of their descendants were the first non-Hispanic cattle ranchers in Texas, where they moved in order to preserve their rights to property. They basically brought catlle-ranching techniques from Africa to the American Southwest. I'd recommend the book.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating... I dig that you are researching the cattle industry and history of where you live. I'm doing a little of that here in the South, too, delving into the cotton industry and how it shaped (for better and worse) the South. In regards to Spanish, I'm still trying to decide if I should go ahead and start my son on Spanish or not... it's certainly becoming an important language all over the States. We've been doing Latin at this point. Anyway, good write, as always!

CStanford said...

Thanks for the reference, Duffy. Sounds like my kind of book indeed.

Teri, I'd say start your son on Spanish for sure - especially if he's already started on Latin!